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The location of Irene's Resort,

in the traditional village of Aridaia, in the heart of nature..

The location of Irene’s Resort, in the traditional village of Aridaia, in the heart of nature, within walking distance of many attractions of unique aesthetic and importance makes our facilities an ideal destination for unforgettable holidays and unique getaways, offering generously whatever you need.

From the hot springs of Pozar Baths, the canyon of Loutraki, the Azure Waters and the Black Forest, the ski center of Kaimaktsalan to Edessa, the Ancient Pella and Lake Vegoritida to museums, caves and monasteries, Irene’s Resort is a springboard of unique experiences, not only within the comfortable and modern facilities, but also the surrounding nearby areas, covering all your needs!

Archaeological Site of Pella

The ancient city of Pella, the palace and the archaeological museum are some other important destinations, where the visit will leave you with the best impressions.

Kali Pediada (Dobro Pole)

Starting from Loutraki Aridaia (Pozar baths) and through an easily accessible forest road of 17 km length, rises before us Kali Pediada or Dobro Pole ...

Edessa - Waterfalls

A little short getaway to waterfalls of Edessa that you should not miss!

Lake Vegoritida

Visiting the town of the Ancient Pella and the archaeological museum, you also have the opportunity to enjoy the idyllic atmosphere and the unique sights of nature's ...

Pozar Baths

The baths of Loutraki Aridaia or Pozar Baths built within a lush forest of unsurpassed beauty constitute a uniquely beautiful and inspirational destination, a paradise...

Black Forest

Adorning the plain of Almopia and the slope of Mount Voras (Kaimaktsalan), in the cozy village of Aridaia Orma, stands the Black Forest ...

Loutraki Canyon / Blue Waters

The green natural surroundings, pines and towering trees that seems to touch the sky, the spectacular steep slopes, cliffs and impressive waterfalls...

Ski resort Kaimaktsalan

The Kaimaktsalan and the surrounding area of the ski resort constitutes another one occasion for relaxed touring and hiking trails with a breathtaking view ...

Monasteries & Churches

Throughout Aridaia around Pozar baths, in the mountains of the region, in Almopia plains, everywhere over the countless monuments of religious heritage, prevails the pride and boast of local residents.

Palaeontological, Physiographic and Folklore Museum of Almopia

A paradise of finds and exhibits for every visitor.

Almopia Cave Park

The first and only speleological park in Greece.

Our sole commitment is the unique sense of peace and tranquility in our rooms and suites!




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