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Irene’s Resort

is located right where nature's heart beats.

Irene’s Resort is located right where nature’s heart beats. The location itself is a special privilege for every visitor, since he enjoys special, unique moments of relaxation and delight in a sea of green!

At the beginning of the village of Aridaia, only 3 km. from the famous Pozar baths, the location of Irene’s Resort is a reference point as it is just moments away of all the attractions of Aridaia –Pozar Baths, Canyon Aridaia, Blue Waters, Black forest, Bearcave, ski center Kaimaktsalan- easily reached for unforgettable holidays and delightful walks any moment of the day!


  • Aridaia Square: 10 km
  • Pozar Baths Loutraki : 3 km
  • Loutraki canyon: 1 km
  • Ski resort Kaimak Tsalan: 35 km
  • Waterfalls of Edessa: 35 km

Directions from Thessaloniki

Driving by car from Thessaloniki to Loutraki Aridaias,within reach is located the Irene's Resort, just 100 km away. Access is via the Egnatia Highway, turn at the exit for Veria and continue towards Chalkidona -Alexandria. Following the provincial road to Giannitsa, drive on the road to Edessa-Aridea-Skydra and follow the road sign to loutra Aridaias (Loutraki Aridaia the last settlement before the resort).

Directions from Athens

Departing from Athens and southern of Greece to Loutraki Aridaias, access is via the National Road Athens - Thessaloniki at a distance of 550 km. After Katerini, turn in the exit for Veria, incoming so to the Egnatia Highway, from which you leave after a few kilometers, following the exit of Chalcedon-Alexandria. From there, following the provincial road to Giannitsa, drive on the road to Edessa-Aridea-Skydra. Just before Skydra, follow the road sign towards the Baths of Aridaia (Loutraki Aridaias, the last settlement before the resort).

Our sole commitment is the unique sense of peace and tranquility in our rooms and suites!




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