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The location of Irene's Resort, in the traditional village of Aridaia, in the heart of nature, within walking distance of many attractions of unique aesthetic and importance makes our facilities an ideal destination for unforgettable holidays and unique getaways, offering generously whatever you need.

From the hot springs of Pozar Baths, the canyon of  Loutraki, the Azure Waters and the Black Forest, the ski center of Kaimaktsalan to  Edessa, the Ancient Pella and Lake Vegoritida to museums, caves and monasteries, Irene's Resort is a springboard of unique experiences, not only within the comfortable and modern facilities, but also the surrounding nearby areas, covering all your needs!

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Pozar Baths

The baths of Loutraki Aridaia or Pozar Baths  built within a lush forest of unsurpassed beauty constitute a uniquely beautiful and inspirational destination, a paradise vacation inside nature, under the big old trees and in crystal clear waters that calms the mind, relaxes the senses and makes you feel like Roman Emperors!

 Entering the village of Aridaia you encounter traditional cozy houses, inextricably tied to the magic of the surrounding nature, you continue to the hot springs, following the rich vegetation that becomes more dense as you move along, until the thermal baths receive and welcome you in a unique dance of crystal waters, waterfalls, fonts, indoor and outdoor pools,  transforming you into a piece of nature!

Living a dream, enjoying the catalytic sense of calm and relaxation of the thermal waters that springs from the depths of the earth for thousands of years, with unique healing properties and you have at your disposal a variety of enjoyment selections from the outdoor pools in nature to individual baths for you and your group, fully organized and shaped indoor pools, steam room and jacuzzi in closed facilities with special design that creates one more natural element of beauty and serenity.

The incomparable beauty of nature and Baths gives, along with the sense of calm, a variety of possibilities for sports activities fans and a unique opportunity for walks in nature, walking and hiking trails, climbing and a varierty of other options.

The baths of Pozar, located into the green unique in perfection and vegetation nature, constitute a great miracle, a unique destination of tranquility, relaxation and treatment because of the thermal hot waters, but also an experience that you will never forget!

 Irene's Resort offers all relevant information and the ability of reservation in  Pozar Baths in order to make your stay and your short gateways  in the surrounding areas  an unforgettable and unrepeatable experience!

Loutraki Canyon/ Blue Waters

Taking the path that begins from Pozar Baths and continuing along the Blue waters of Almopaio river, approximately 3km lies the canyon  of Loutraki, where as the absolute extension of the Baths,  the human is disembodyed and  an unrepeteable  experience of rejuvenation heightening the soul at other levels.


The green natural surroundings, pines and towering trees that seems to touch the sky, the spectacular steep slopes, cliffs and impressive waterfalls, ravine and small ponds with blue clear waters, offer images of outstanding  natural beauties.


The climbing in the climbing area "Blue Waters" and the numerous opportunities for mountaineering make up to the fullest to every nature and adventure lover a destination in total harmony with the Loutraki Canyon.

 The incomparable beauty of the landscape and the continuous slide show of unparalleled beauty, fill the  heart with unique feelings of rejuvenation and tranquility, clearing  the mind and purifying the soul, taking you to the very essence of human existence. A break from everyday life, a life experience

At the end of a wonderful route, green vegetation and the blue waters make you and every visitor not only to be overwhelmed by the greatness, but also to wonder how generous nature can be sometimes...

 Irene's Resort and our specialized staff is at your disposal to provide you with all the relevant information in order for your stay but also and  the short  getaways to the surrounding area to be a lifetime experience

Ski resort Kaimaktsalan (mount Voras)

In a short distance of only 35 km from Pozar Baths, lies the famous ski resort of Kaimaktsalan or mount Voras, at the foot of the mountain, the highest ski resort in Greece with an altitude of 2.300m. and with a higher peak at 2.524m, rightly called as the ski center of the Balkans.

 With 14 ski slopes, modern infrastructures and equipment, specially signage for your safety, the magnificent Chalet with wood paneling and the exquisite beauty of snowy landscapes, the ski center of Kaimaktsalan constitutes a great destination for short getaways that will remain unforgetable!

As much for the winter sports fans as for every visitor in the summer, the beauty of nature, the wild vegetation with huge trees, the slopes and canyons, steep cliffs, the forest and the scents of the earth offer unforgettable life experiences, making you part of the nature, clearing the mind and soul, enjoying moments of peace and relaxation from everyday life..

 The Kaimaktsalan and the surrounding area of the ski resort constitutes another one occasion for relaxed touring and hiking trails with a breathtaking view, transforming body and soul at any season of the year!

In Irene's Resort we offer you all the possible information and guidance and we are always at your disposal to cover your every need!

Almopia Cave Park (Pozar Baths)

A  Jewel  on the shiny crown of Loutraki Baths (Pozar Baths) in the depths of Mount Voras, just above the Baths, extends a vast network of caves, the first cave park of Greece, a complex of 16 caves, a chasm of 50 meters and many cave-shelters, of great palaeontological importance, and spectacular natural beauty.

 Among the caves, a special place is held by Bearcave, a name taken from more than 15,000 finds of prehistoric brown bear URSUS CT. ARCTOS, dating back to almost 10 thousand years. In the findings of the brown bear are accounted skulls, bones and fossils dating back  to 120,000 years ago, a fact that proves that the so-called Bearcave offered ideal environment for living and reproduction of brown bears, while a variety of bones of other animals like leopard, lion, fox, hyena, deer, wild ox, platoni and ibex have been discovered in the entire complex.

For entusiasts of prehistory and evolution of the human species, caves, apart from a geological miracle, constitute an  opportunity to see excuisite footsteps of the presence of primitive man, which testify numerous findings like sharpened and polished objects, sharp spikes of stone for arrows and more.

But the most special place is held by drawings of paramount importance on the rocks of caves depicting animal and human figures, original and bizarre rock paintings representing people with huge hands that reach up to the soles of the feet, with jewllery and highlighted some of the places of their body, but also a natural basin with  dripping  water from the stalactites, material samples indicating some sort of religious worship, all irrefutable evidence of human presence in the place of the caves during the Mesolithic period.


Despite the fact  that the access to the interior of the caves is prohibited, you have nevertheless the possibility to follow the paved paths that begin above the cafeteria besides the large outdoor pool, to pass over and enjoy the crystal clear waters that trickling beneath your feet and get directed to a part of cavepark through incredible beauty mountaineering paths that only wellness, revitalization and exaltation can offer you.

Irene's Resort offers you every opportunity to visit, organizing visits upon arrangement in accessible parts of Cavepark.

Palaeontological, Physiographic and Folklore Museum of Almopia

In a barely distance of  13 km from Aridea stands the one of the kind in Greece Museum with mixed character, the Paleontological, Physiographic and Folklore history of Almopia, a paradise of findings and exhibits for each visitor.

 Bones and fossils of the prehistoric bear URSUS CT. ARCTOS age of 10,000 years but also of other animals too, findings of tools and utensils of  the primitive man, ancient artifacts, ceramic, wooden and metallic constructions and a plenty of other findings and  exhibit, complete a clear picture of the palaeontological and archaeological value of the area of  Almopia.

The Almopia museum  also offers the capability to get the visitor in touch with the life of local people in the old eras, watching exhibits and objects from any material, articles about agriculture, livestock, fishing and with techniques, such as weaving, tailoring, kneeting, metalwork and carpentry, pottery, objects that served the basic life human needs (food, housing, clothing) and used in the context of social and spiritual life traveling you in some other eras.


Photos and drawings, carefully hanging near findings provide a necessary and useful information creating the interest and admiration of every visitor, a visit that you should not leave out from yourself and your company!

 In Irene's Resort we remain always at your disposal for any relevant information and support you would need!

Black Forest (or Forest of Orma)

Adorning the plain of Almopia and the slope of Mount Voras (Kaimaktsalan), in the cozy village of Aridaia  Orma, stands  the Black Forest, a breathtaking scenery  of dense vegetation and towering pines, a heavenly place that is made from fairytales!

 The highly dense vegetation of the Black Forest, the towering pines and beech trees  prevents the sun's rays to penetrate the ground even in the summer months, the rich flora and fauna of the forest, the unique and wild beauty add to the Black Forest an imposing and mysterious character, while the whole area remains “virgin”  with minimal human interventions such as small shelters of the Forest inspection.

Main feature and a special natural beauty is the  river "Belitsa" or "Aspropotamos", with huge trees on its banks, a sight for sore eyes and a place of absolute relaxation, whose reach goes all the way to  Loutraki crossing the village of Orma.

 The steep slopes, cliffs and natural shelters, the large biodiversity, the huge palette of earthy colors, the pure oxygen and the absolute tranquility of nature offer you magical moments of absolute relaxation and make you feel butterflies in your stomach

The Black Forest offers unique moments of sightseeing and adventure, offering every visitor possibilities of hiking, mountaineering, camping, descents of river kayaking and rafting, trips with four-wheel drive vehicles and off road engines, while in summer months Aridaia mountaineering club organizes group hikes, climbing and mountain biking.


Access to the forest is possible either by starting from the village of Orma, route that offers the magic of adventure with dirt roads and hiking, or by starting from the village Megaplatanos, a  path more easier and more accessible because of the asphalted road. The choice is yours!

In any occation, the Black Forest will reward you with moments of absolute mental exaltation! One more surprise you must give to yourself!

Kali Pediada (Dobro Pole)

Starting from Loutraki Aridaia (Pozar baths) and through an easily accessible forest road of 17 km length, rises before us Kali Pediada or Dobro Pole, a natural basin with many small lakes of unique beauty at an altitude of 1,750 m with a range of 3,350 acres.

A vast drawning board of chestnut and beech trees leaves the mind and body to wander in magical places of incredible natural beauty, gazing at the horizon, walking through the woods, admiring the horses galloping freely in the region and making a stop at the shrine Nativity of the blessed Virgin Mary at an altitude of 1030m. in the area 'Grezntin'.


This mountain peat bog is included in the Network of NATURA 2000, the network CORINE-Biotopes and designated as a Birds-Fauna Protection Area, underlining the importance of the site and its surroundings.

 The ride into the nature, the abundant vegetation with rare herbaceous plants also and the local volcanic soil in the higher altitudes of the plateau,  make Kali Pediada another short getaway that will leave you speechless, but with a full sense of jubilation in the soul and your heart

Staff at Irene's Resort is willing and able to serve you in anything you desire!

Monasteries and Churches in Aridaia / Almopia

Throughout Aridaia around Pozar baths, in the mountains of the region, in Almopia plains, everywhere over the countless monuments of religious heritage, prevails the pride and boast of local residents.

 The Archangel  in  Archangelos, the Monastery Hilarion in Promahos and the church of St. Demetrios in Aetochori bring messages and images from the past, from difficult years, while the serenity and the calm environment of smaller churches and monasteries converts a simple visit to a magical life experience!

The yard of the Monastery Hilarion resembles a Swiss village, the rich view of Almopia plains, the many and rich images offered by the journey up to the Archangel Michael monastery, the impressive church of St. Dimitrios with tiled roof, low inputs and Byzantine frescoes, but also a multitude of Byzantine monasteries, chapels, churches and monasteries stimulate the Greek religious beliefs and become the reason that your soul would  touch the heavens, sailing in seas of peace and piety!


 The renowned Greek Waterfalls of Edessa, in a short distance from Aridea, provide a unique destination for day trips and short getaways while still having the unique privilege globally to be at the center of the city, of which have given the name "Edessa The city of waters ".

 The waters of  11 waterfalls, passing through the city, forming small rivers with bridges across Edessa, poured noisily from a large rock, creating innumerable rills, offering a unique image of the power of nature and creating the myth of the water state!

At the edge of the cliff, in a unique geopark sculpted by water called "city brow"  is where, according to the great Greek writer Menelaos Lountemis, God steps to ascend to heaven.

 Descending the stone steps you are directed to different viewpoints with impressive view, below or behind the large waterfall, looking  of the waters that forcibly hitting the rocks, feeling in the face of ionized air and moisture from the power of water that bursts rapidly and watch with surprise the rainbow, that often is created by the sun's rays in this unique aquatic environment of nature.

 Two swimming pools, flower beds, flower pots, flowers and trees on which countless small squirrels jump and welcome you, compose a picture of relaxation and freedom. In the evening the Falls are illuminated, offering a fantastic spectacle of unique images that will leave you with the best impressions!

A little short getaway to waterfalls of  Edessa that you should not miss!

 Irene's Resort staff is always at your disposal for any further information and every convenience , so you can spend your stay in the best possible way, making your holidays unforgettable!

Archaeological Site of Pella

The ancient city of Pella, the palace and the archaeological museum are some other important destinations, where the visit will leave you with the best impressions.

The ancient city of Pella, spreads over an area of 4,000 hectares, which around the landscapes have changed radically from classical antiquity to the present.

The huge palace complex, covering an area of 60 acres that prevail over in the field, the Hellenistic Agora and the numerous temples leave a sense of nostalgia and sensationalism, while the houses and the fortification of the city are an excellent example of construction, architecture and decoration

On your visit to Ancient Pella you should not miss the necropolis of the city with numerous cemeteries built near the walls, Macedonian type tombs and cist graves of large magnitude while the prehistoric, classical and Hellenistic cemetery stands out.

 Passing by the ruins of ancient Pella, since it was a Roman colony until the early old-Christian period and Hellenistic modifications and ending in the Archaeological museum, you will admire a miniature version of the site where each visitor has the opportunity to reconstruct in his mind the image of the ancient city at various times, to understand the various aspects of everyday and public life of the Macedonian capital, but also to mind travel to ancient glorious times!

The Archaeological Museum, in the northeastern part of the site and in the near east area of the modern town of Pella, its a unique opportunity to understand and admire the culture but also the inhabitants of Ancient Pella, making the tour in the museum one more adventure.

In the reception of Irene's Resort you can receive information and instructions  for your visit to one of the most  important monuments of  the Antiquity, Ancient Pella

Lake Vegoritida - Pella

Visiting the town of the Ancient Pella and the archaeological museum, you also have the opportunity to enjoy the idyllic atmosphere and the unique sights of nature's greatness at Lake Vegoritida, one of the largest and deepest lakes in Greece with rich flora and fauna.

 Each season in the lake is a unique experience, getting charmed observing colors that swaps depending on the weather, feeling the peace and tranquility of the waters, and enjoying romantic tours along the banks of the lake!

The Small fishing villages, large villages and modern settlements around the lake create a unique serene landscape, where time seems to have stopped.

 Being an important wet-biotope in the protection zone of NATURA, swarms of wild free birds and various species of fish will impress you and leave you a sweet sense of power and the magic of nature!

 Irene's Resort recommends you to enjoy every natural beauty, making a boat ride in the lake or selecting fishing, sailing, canoe kayaking and swimming, while the hiking along the banks of the lake will leave you unforgettable impressions!