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Swimming pool

In a delirium of comfort and relaxation with Loutraki Canyon and the top peaks of Kaikmatsalan as a background, the Olympic-size outdoor pool of Irene's Resort, 128 sq.m, stimulates the senses, transforming every part of your being to a part of nature itself developing new dimensions of pleasure and revitalization! Refreshing cocktails, magical flavors of fruit and drinks, delicious snacks take off the feeling of pleasure and relaxation you feel in the blue calm waters of our luxurious pool, while the natural surroundings enchant and transport you to a magical world, a world of affordable luxury in a dream that you will want to experience again and again!

Our cheering staff, a set of high aesthetic and comfort sun beds, orthopedic waterproof mattresses, tables and comfortable chairs around the pool, beside the cool waters and over the lush green grass add exactly what you need, conquering the top of the soul-body rejuvenation, in a calm idyllic natural environment

Irene's Resort Pool remains open and invites both hotel guests and locals of the area to spend moments of relaxation, pleasure and rejuvenation in an oasis of blue waters, green landscapes and fresh atmosphere.

The blue colour pool with the green of nature creates a unique combination of dream and reality that should not be missed!


Hours: 10:00 to 20:00

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