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With better and higher quality services as our goal for our visitors and to cover any type of need, Irene's Resort offers respectfully and professionally unique accommodation packages for every special occasion!


Whether you are a nature lover, an outdoor activities enthusiast, you like spending your time on sports and entertainment, or romance and idyllicsurroundings are for you special moments in your life and relaxation, or you just need some moments of calm, wellness and fun in affordable prices, in our hotel you will find a package that perfectly fits your specific needs.

Check Irene's Resort unique packages and choose the one that suits you!

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Meetings and Events

Ready and complete solutions for the most successful conferences and the most welcoming  business meetings.

The specially designed conference room of Irene's Resort, with impeccable technological and audio visual equipment is ready to accommodate worthy  any conference, every business meeting, every business event with your colleagues and staff, combining exceptional professionalism with escaping moments from everyday life!

In a spacious hall for 40 people, with all kinds of equipment at your disposal, flexible layout, plenty of natural light from the large windows of the place and with the shading feature, away from distractions and noise, as well a skilled staff for the exclusive coverage of your own and only needs throughout the duration of the conference or your event, any professional event is converted to an experience of pure professionalism and quality

The privileged location of Irene's Resort, in the heart of nature, next to the magnificent scenery of the Pozar Baths, the canyon  of Loutraki and the Black Forest of Aridaia is the perfect combination of professional obligations with redemptive effects of a memorable gateway to nature and offers unique revitalization opportunities, tranquility and wellness that every worker, every professional, every businessman needs!

Organize your own professional and business event, according to your needs and desires!

A wonderfull journey of health and wellness !

Unique experiences of relaxation and euphoria that rejuvenate body and spirit!

Before or after your visit to Pozar Baths and walks in the forest of Almopia and the canyon of Loutraki, the ultimate feeling of relaxation, calm and wellness in a harmonious and healthy environment constitutes the perfect touch for the opening or closing of a wonderful day!

The most authentic care and treatments in the spa and saunas, swimming in the large pool with spectacular panoramic view of the mountains of Kaikmaktsalan and the surrounding forest, the rest in the comfortable armchairs of the garden in perfect harmony with nature, the absolute relaxation beside the fireplace or under the patio, the pleasant hiking in the lively Greek nature in the surrounding area it gives you a  wonderful trip to a happy and healthy getaway.

Relax, rejuvenate, swim, play, have fun, exercise, relax, listen to the sounds of the forest that you have forgotten or never heard until now and let your body and soul in complete relaxation and wellness!

Daily luxury getaways and adventures for each young man and woman!

Experience the ultimate luxury with large doses of adventure for those of you who are and feel young!

With respect in youth and the belief that young people are the future, Irene's Resort offers small sweet getaways from everyday life and bustle of the city in every young person aged 18-30, inviting you to experience moments of opulence, luxury and entertainment in an idyllic environment!

The comfortable and luxurious rooms and suites, the  impeccable style and unique decoration atmospheric hotel bar, the large outdoor illuminated swimming pool with lawn and gardens all around, extremely meticulous lounges with fireplaces and patio, the elegant restaurant overlooking the green nature in the summer or the ski slopes of the mountains in the winter, spa, saunas, all in an excellent combination of nature, comfort and opulence awaits you every day, Monday to Thursday ensuring you moments of comfort and absolute enjoyment.

The idyllic environment, breathtaking views, the hotel's amenities, the elegant luxury spaces, many activities inside and outside of the hotel and the service, coupled with affordable prices, specially tailored to the financial demands of the younger generation, creates a fairytale journey in luxury and comfort and invite you to feel for a little bit, kings!

Romantic moments beyond imagination!

Enjoy special moments in a atmospheric style!


With the sky and the forest of Aridaia as a company, in the sounds of the beautiful Greek nature, by the waters of the vast pool and enjoying the treatments of the sauna and spa, a romantic journey of senses begin

Romantic dinners beside the illuminated pool, sensual nights in the atmospheric style bar, unforgettable anniversaries, birthdays and celebrations in the lush gardens around the pool, romantic moments for two with a good bottle of wine with the backdrop of  Loutraki canyon or the snowy Kaimaktsalan, but also special moments of relaxation and care in the spa and  saunas, offered generously and give an overflowing romance at your every special moment!

With your partner or friends, enjoy our promotional packages and give in each of your daily or special moment an unforgettable romantic touch that will be unforgettable

Start your own fairytale life!

Unforgettable suggestions for the most beautiful moment of your  life with style and romance!

In an idyllic envirnoment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, a sensual and romantic setting, the Irene's Resort & Spa constitutes  simply the ideal place to organize a truly romantic proposal for the beggining of  your life with your partner !

Creating a truly relaxing and romantic getaway, with woods in the background and the green canyon of Loutraki , accompanied by the sounds of the quiet water’s splash of the huge pool with sensual music of the sky and the green vibrant nature or with the spectacular images of the snowy peaks of Kaikmatsalan on the horizon, the most perfect, romantic and successful marriage proposal or engagement becomes a reality!

Whether you want a cozy and comfortable environment, or a unique ambient style or a memorable lifetime experience, we can plan together your own marriage proposal, creatively helping you for the coordination of  your every surprise!

Entertainment and sports in your every getaway!

Unique physical activities and entertainment in the full of life Greek nature!

The unique Almopia landscape and the lively Greek nature of Aridaia and the surrounding areas offer  the ideal envirnoment for outdoor sports activities and unique entertainment experiences right in nature's heart, leaving no one unintrigued.

Starting from the rejuvenating swimming in the outdoor huge pool, you and your friends can enjoy excellent opportunities for cycling on the numerous trails of the forest, mountaineering  and climbing  in the baths or the Canyon, unique walking and hiking in the one of a kind Greek nature, or even  Moto Cross .

The limitless rivers and tributaries of the region create the perfect destination for lovers of canoe kayak and rafting, while the famous ski center  of Kaimaktsalan offers endless hours on skiing, snowmobile, snowcat, snow kite and Parapente.

 Enjoy unique hours of physical sports  and entertainment choosing the package that fits your needs!