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After your walks in the green paths of the forest, after your visit to the thermal springs of Pozar Baths, after your ride to the unique natural beauty of the canyon and the blue waters, the unique beauty of  Irene's Resort bar is the best option to end pleasantly a remarkable day.

 Designed with special, extraordinary style of Austrian architecture, traditional yet elegant, with wooden furniture that creates a unique warm atmosphere with perfectly combined references to the wild, Irene's Resort bar creates a comfortable, friendly atmosphere that makes every moment unrepetable! Alone or with friends, a glass of a rare cognac or wine by the fireplace in the winter, but also a refreshing cocktail or a delicious aperitif in the summer awaken the feeling of freedom and comfort, while the warm atmosphere is transformed into an unforgettable experience.

 The sophisticated cellar of  wines and drinks, and the highly specialized variety of flavors that are available, offered as a unique choice in the entire surrounding area, making the bar of our hotel an ideal destination not only for hotel guests, but also for all those who wish to spend moments of pleasure in a calm and welcoming environment.

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